On the topic of Janay & Ray Rice… And those speaking negativity over their Union.

No one is sure what their relationship is like, based upon one egregious and horrible act. No knowledge of how long they’ve been dating, their issues behind doors, etc… What we do know is he committed a completely wrong act, regardless of what the situation was or wasn’t, that he seeked help, she stood by him and forgave him, and they are willing to admit their faults and put in the work for a successful marriage. If you can’t respect that, your perspective is wack.

I’m not negating what he did, but if she forgave him and he reached out for professional help, who are any of us outside of their relationship to say anything about their marriage? Relationships aren’t pretty. Both parties have the ability to do some horrible things to each other, physically, mentally and emotionally in the entire process. I will say that while I have concern to a slight degree about the safety of Janay Rice following Ray becoming an unemployed man following the released video, I applaud her for her willingness to forgive someone who did her completely wrong. It may be a parting foul for most, and that view point is justified. But we can all learn from her ability to forgive.

– Style Barker


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