Can I vent for a short bit? The World is just killing me right now.

I really am just through with this world we live in. Not just the country, literally the world. In addition to everything serving as the fuel for the #BlackLivesMatter Movement (Fuck the #AllLivesMatter covert racist bullshit, miss me) this week in the Americas:

You have a woman who is making a mockery of the experience of Blackness, both good and bad taking up news headlines; you have a country literally kicking out their native citizens for nothing more than having darker skin and “Haitian facial features”; and a member of my BMC/ WSSU Ram family mourning the assassination of his cousin in South Carolina tonight. They say don’t be radical. They say not to react. They say don’t make things racial. If you don’t fully understand this burden of what it means to be black (and that’s to y’all lack of awareness of self black folks too) refrain from telling me how to feel. I’m angry, I’m over it, and I seriously seeking answers and real change. This system isn’t working for me, and I refuse to remain a cog.


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