S.A.N.D.O.S. : A Back When I Was Ain’t Shit Story.

The year was 2015. I was Single*, and working over the summer at my alma mater as a Resident Adviser, because it was something easy to do, and it allowed me to use my off campus apartment as a place to rent out for kickbacks and illegal activities. I wasn’t taking any classes, and was getting paid unemployment from back home and pocketing money like it was nothing. Makings of a chill ass summer. I was more known than I thought, a fairly likable person, though anyone who got the change to speak to me knew I was an asshole. Overly opinionated and shared exactly how I felt, especially if I felt justified.

NC on a college campus at night is dry as fuck. Everywhere on campus to eat or do anything enjoyable, like workout, go to the library, etc. Shut down at 7 pm. With the small amount of students on campus this made sense, but to tell you to the truth, it was a struggle. Which means one of a few things were going to take place: Watching TV, Ordering and Eating Food. Drinking, Smoking, and of course Fucking. We’re talking College Students between the ages of 19 and 28 (yes 28, and no I wasn’t the oldest there).

I met one girl there, never met her before, but recalled her face from some online date/quick lay app I had on my phone. She was aight. Not hard to look at, but not breaking any necks. She made it clear she wanted to fuck like the first week we were on campus for the summer session. Sex was something to do, therefore, she was just something to do. SO I did, until she became  annoying (I’ll write a post on the difference between Fuck buddies and FWB another day). But that ain’t the point of this story.

Fast forward to the Fall Semester. I was an RA again. She lived in my building, just not on my floor. And I was horny. I didn’t feel like putting in work to fuck anyone new, and I was feeling myself enough that I knew I could hit her up. Just for head, because she acted too clingy when she got dick. The conversation went like so:


Clearly wasn’t feeling myself not too much because it worked. But then it didn’t.

She started to spread rumors on campus that I was a “bad guy”, that she and I were talking but stopped when I asked to fuck one of her friends (only 1/3 of that is true, I did ask to fuck one of her friends – why be stingy with good dick?). This was after I messaged her “S.A.N.D.O.S.” 2-3 more times to get some when I wanted. Each time, she obliged.

Moral of the Story: In the Age of Smartphones, Screenshots are visual contracts. Screenshots save reputations and expose liars. I sent her screenshots of all conversations we had prior and told her chill with the lies before I have to expose the truth.

(Single* – references No in a relationship, but not emotionally available)



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