“If It Don’t Apply, Why Reply?”: To Those Who Think All Social Media Views Include Them.

Social Media has been a blessing and a curse. Social Media has led to is not only people with the ability to express a multitude of opinions (no matter how intelligent or ignorant), but also seeing how people respond to those opinion. Sure, when you’re sharing your opinion in an open forum – be it Facebook Status, Tweet, GroupMe conversation,  or even a blog – you open yourself to any form of responses. Just comes with the territory.

But This Blog Post Ain’t About The Posters, It’s about the Respondents.


Today we’re talking about the people who gotta make everything about them. Everyone has seen these people before. I call them “ButNotMe.” And they are annoying everyone on a Social Media Platform near you.

#ButNotMeTwitter is probably the worst conglomerate; finding issues with tweets on a topic, pressed to make sure that they are the exception to the opinion that s expressed. But…

If It Don’t Apply, Why Reply?

At some point, you’d think everyone would know and understand the expression “Hit Dogs Holler” but clearly, some people can’t get past a basic understanding that you don’t have to comment on everything, especially if it doesn’t pertain to you.

This concept holds true even when someone post an ill-informed blanketed opinion on a group of people. You know, like when someone makes a statement about “All Men” or “All [insert zodiac sign]” or any other form of an opinion, and some bamma feels the need to make his single solitary case as to why base on them, that the statement is invalid.

No. One. Asked. You. To. Defend. Yourself. Sir/Ma’am. 

hdh3On a related topic, this also goes out to the individuals lacking basic reading comprehension. The people who may or may not read an entire post and focus on one small detail. Then will argue said detail while ignoring everything else that was said, just because that small detail may or may not have offended them because they are somewhat related to the situation being spoken about.

Get. Over. Yourself.

  • Your opinion doesn’t make another’s opinion valid or invalid.
  • Read an entire post. Comprehend. Pull out a dictionary if some words are confusing you.
  • Ask yourself basic questions before you respond. “Why am I offended?”; “Are They Talking About Me?”, “Am I Being Honest With Myself if I Am Bothered?”

Of course, this entire post is nothing but a rant. Some shit just ain’t worth a response, especially if you weren’t mentioned or directed towards with the comment. You don’t have to see yourself in every topic. Guess what: The World Doesn’t revolve around any of us, especially on Social Media.

Oh, and before anyone feels this was about them, go listen to Carly Simon’s “You’re So Vain”, replace “song” with “blog” and…


~ Style Barker.


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